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Ancestors of the People
Retold and Illustrated by
Leonard Aguinaldo

 Explore the many facets of Benguet Igorot's culture - their beliefs, rites, customs, and traditions illustrated in paintings, made more vivid by the accompanying myths and legends.




The Remnants of the
Sebastian Sta. Cruz Serag


A historical account of the Ilonggo's glorious past, starting with the landing of the ten Bornean datus (kings) and their bands of adventurous but freedom-loving people in the 12th century.



La Union:
The Making of a Province
Adriel Obar Meimban Ph. D.

 A product of a 24-year study, this book chronicles the extraordinary development of the province of La Union. It likewise documents the colonial policies imposed by Spain and the United States - the two successive imperial rulers of the Philippines - which greatly influenced the province's lush history and culture.


The Maranaw Torogan


This book tackles the documented restoration of the Maranaw Torogan - a royal edifice for the Philippine Muslim nobility and the only existing structure that links them to their past and to their ancestors who built the torogan as a living legacy for future generations to appreciate.


The Maranaw:
Dwellers of the Lake


A book about the remarkable members of the biggest Muslim - Filipino group, the Maranaws, their achievements and aspirations and the things they have contributed to Philippine society.


THE AUTHOR: Dr. Abdulah Madale has written countless articles about the Muslims and the Maranaws. His work experience as an anthropologist on Muslim culture more then qualities him to write about these people. He obtained his Ph. D. degree from the Al Azhar University with a grade of excellent second degree. He is at present a full-time professor at the Mindanao State University where he occupied most of the important positions such as College Dean, Executive Assistant, Assistant Vice President and Vice President for External Studies.



Immanoel J. de Pedro

 In poetry form, the book outlines in elegant yet simple cadences the Filipino aspiration as a people into the next century - that of being number two again in Asia through a peaceful economic revolution




Jose Rizal: His Life, Works, and Role in the Phil. Revolution
Libert Amorganda Acibo
Estela Galicano-Adanza

 Get to know the national hero of the Philippines and why the events of his life never cease to amaze researchers and readers.

Destined to be one of the most important figure in the Philippine history, and the world as well, he lives to posterity his talents and abilities.



Nicanor Abelardo: The Man and the Artist
By Ernesto V. Epistola

 This book recounts the story of Nicanor Abelardo, a well-loved Filipino musician, the man behind the critically acclaimed musical piece - Cinderella Overture. Experience his joys, pains, and heartaches heart of every Filipino.




Understanding the Positiveness of Filipino Values
Dr. Thomas Quintin D. Andres

 This book gives pointer on how to harness all that positive in every individual. Guaranteed to be of big help to trainers, human resource development specialist, and managers






Dreams and Visions
Dante G. Guevarra

Love Poems and Narrative with themes on the Philippine judicial system.





Dangerous Grace
Billy O. Wireman * Robert W. Whalen * Richard T. Goode

 This book speaks about the invincible Filipino spirit, his unforgettable hospitality and innate generosity. The most talked-about Filipino literary piece today, written by prestigious American novelists.





Domingo Landicho

 Poems about the Filipino people. Written in English but definitely of Filipino substance.




Our March of Death and The People Power from Mactan to EDSA
Francisco Javines

 Memoirs, articles and poems on how the ideals of the Filipino spirit were shaped though time: from the "Death March" of World War II to the triumphant People's Power in EDSA.




Paz M. Belves

 Meant to benefit foreigners and Non-Tagalogs who wish to speak the Filipino language. Learn a foreign language through songs, rhymes, and games.







Zenaida L. Cruz

 Designed as an introductory textbook for tourism students, this book features various pictures of Philippine sceneries.





Philippine Plants
Jovita G. Reyes * Florenda I. Santiago
Angelita G. Reyes * Sr. Marie Denise Agramante, SPC

A compendium of rare plants found only on the beautiful Philippine islands. Discussed are their medical, culinary and cosmetic values.

A History of Publishing in the Philippines
Atty. Dominador D. Buhain
 The very first book chronicling the history of the Philippine publishing.

 In this age of Information Technology amidst the technicalities of a fast becoming multimedia society, publishing may not be a major field of study in the Philippine educational set up. Yet, with the rapid change of the times, especially with the dawning of the new millennium, the significance of this particular filed of endeavor comes to the fore because before one can fully appreciate the complicated world of publishing, he must first venture into its colorful and historic past.

 Through colorful photographs and comprehensive data, the book vividly captured the various stages of Philippine publishing, from the Pre colonial to the Contemporary era. With this book, Rex salutes the Philippine Publishing industry and aims to preserve it as a cultural legacy for the future generation to appreciate.